Sunday, May 24, 2009


How exhilarating it is to get away - from work and ministry - and get another shot in the arm by some sort of renewal and refreshment one can only get by way of inter-personal relationships with people on the same journey in life. Being with brother priests, and friends within the circle, certainly gives that opportunity as well as the "rejuvenative vitamins" a priest needs to further the pathway he has taken in answer of that call. Personally I can only thank God and each and every brother priest for that special moment I was privileged to take part of and for the confirmation of my priesthood and ministry we all share together as "soldiers of Christ" in this wonderful battlefield of life. Lest I forget, the infinite laughs (as in bahakhak), the constant teases (Pitbals syndrome), the candid poses (UTube prospects), the exquisite food and drinks, the long-overdue sweats in golf and tennis, the late night caps, stories and beers, new friends along the way, the memorable city tour, the music, etc... but more importantly the time well-spent like a family... and if I ever missed something, still, I thank you!!!


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