Sunday, May 24, 2009


It is no doubt our joy to become part of the WWW community as science and technology make advances in today's world of communication. Whereas in the not so distant past transmissions depended so much on human couriers between two post offices or were at the mercy of operators between two long distance companies or through automated machines taking calls from people somewhere in those offices... but now, with only a click of a mouse or what-have-you, one is right there in the midst of all these communication bonanza which I believe is at an all time high, what with the advent of these so-called Instant Messengers and Cam2Cam interaction between two persons from opposite side of the globe. Even. Wew! How fortunate are we to have made it this far or to what we initially thought was only possible in science fiction movies early in life, a sort of a bond movies in the 70s or 80s. Now, actually, we're in the middle of all these... and funny, we're also being dragged into taking part in all the other wonderful stuff the Internet Age has ushered right in front of us.

Welcome your Paring Bol-anon to the WWW and welcome to the world of the Paring Bol-anon's presence in your virtual realities.